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Полная версия среды разработки NI LabVIEW под Linux


NI LabVIEW это среда разработки, предназначенная для инженеров и ученых, для создания тестовых, измерительных и управляющих приложений. С LabVIEW, вы можете быстро и легко проводить измерения в реальном режиме времени, проводить анализ на адекватность данных и сохранять и передавать данные разными методами.

NI Labview

  • Тесная интеграция с широким спектром измерительного оборудования
  • Легко используемая графическая среда разработки
  • Различная обработка сигналов, анализ и математический функционал
  • Бострая разработка интерфейсов пользователя для отображения данных в реальном режиме времени
  • Различные варианты подключений (TCP/IP, UDP, serial, и другие)

Графический язык функциональных блоков LabVIEW, широко используется инженерами и учеными по всему миру, как лучшее из существующих средств для автоматизации измерений и систем управления.

Дальше пока не перевел

For experienced programmers, LabVIEW delivers the performance, flexibility, and compatibility of a traditional programming language such as C. In fact, LabVIEW graphical programming has the same constructs as traditional languages, including variables, data types, looping and sequencing structures, and error handling. Also, with LabVIEW, you can reuse legacy code packaged as DLLs or shared libraries and integrate with other software using .NET, ActiveX, TCP, and other standard technologies.

Rapid Development with Express Technology

Use configuration-based Express VIs and I/O assistants to rapidly create common measurement applications without programming.

Thousands of Example Programs

Get started quickly with more than 500 shipping examples and thousands more on the Web. Learn more at ni.com/labviewzone.

Modular and Hierarchical

Run modular LabVIEW VIs by themselves or as subVIs and easily scale your programs depending on your needs.

Integrated Help

Learn LabVIEW development quickly with integrated context-sensitive help and comprehensive tutorials.

Drag-and-Drop User Interface Library

Design professional user interfaces by interactively customizing the hundreds of built-in user interface objects on the Controls Palette.

Thousands of Built-In Functions

Drag and drop thousands of built-in functions from the Functions Palette to create your application. Easily customize the Functions Palette for quick access to your favorite functions.

Compiled Language for Fast Execution

Develop high-performance code. LabVIEW is a compiled language that generates optimized code with execution speeds comparable to compiled C.

Open Language

Take advantage of existing code, easily integrate with legacy systems, and incorporate third-party software with .NET, ActiveX, DLLs, objects, TCP, networking technology, and more.

Integrated Graphical Debugging

Ensure correct operation with integrated graphical debugging tools such as graphical code step-throughs.

Simple Application Distribution

Use the Application Builder to create executables and shared libraries (DLLs) for deployment.

Multiple High-Level Development Tools

Develop faster with application-specific development tools, including the LabVIEW State Diagram Toolkit, the LabVIEW Simulation Module, and NI SignalExpress.

Team Development Tools

Create large, professional applications with tightly integrated project management tools including the project library and Project Explorer.

Source Code Control

Coordinate development with multiple developers with standardized, easy-to-use source code control.

Target Management

Easily manage multiple targets, from real-time to embedded, in LabVIEW. Use simulated devices to develop your application software without hardware.

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